Robert Taylor

  • Zemke's Wolf Pack by Robert Taylor

    Oil on Canvas
    28" x 42"

    $19,950 US

    Oil on canvas produced in 1989 depicting Col. Hub Zemke and members of his famous 56th Fighter Group breaking off to defend a stricken B-17 from attack by German aircraft.

    The reverse of this canvas is signed by Col. Zemke and Col. Gabby Gabreski, two of the top P-47 aces of WWII, now deceased.

  • Bekaa Valley Gunfight by Robert Taylor

    Oil on Canvas
    28" x 40"

    $19,950 US

    Oil on canvas produced in 1984 depicting combat between an Israeli F-16 Falcon and a Syrian MiG-23 fought over the Bekaa Valley in June of 1982.

    Signers on this Painting

    General Amir Nachumi
    14 kills – 7 in the Phantom (including 4 Mig kills on his first combat mission during opening of Yom Kippur War) and 7 in the F-16 (he was the world’s first pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft in the F-16).

    Colonel Giora Epstein - 'the Jet of Aces'
    17 kills – all in the Mirage. The highest scoring Jet to Jet Ace in history.

    Major Moshe Melnik
    81/2 kills – 51/2 in the Phantom and 3 in the F-15 (he was the world’s first pilot to shoot down an enemy aircraft in the F-15)
  • Jet Encounter by Robert Taylor

    Original Pencil Drawing
    11 1/2" x 16 1/2"

    $5,500 US

    Signed by two German Me-262 jet pilots (bios available upon request)

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  • The Hunter Becomes The Hunted by Robert Taylor

    Original Pencil Drawing

    Size of Matted Drawing with Signatures
    29" x 23"

    Image Size of Drawing
    21.5" x 13.75"

    $5,750 US

    B-25s of the 465th Bomb Group flying over the Alps at the Brenner Pass, escorted by P-47s of the 325th Fighter Group who are engaging an Italian Fascist Macchi c.202 that is cutting through the B-25 formation.

    It should be noted that Robert Taylor normally produces pencil drawings in much smaller sizes; however, this being a very large drawing, and considered the fact that Robert is severely limiting his work in pencil at this point in his career, makes this a rare and especially collectable item that is also of definite historical significance.

    This drawing has been matted and is shrink wrapped and ready for framing, and has signatures of 2 veterans that flew at the Brenner Pass The signatures are of Gene Koscinski who flew the Brenner Pass in B-25s of the 465th Bomb Group, and Art Fiedler, an 8 victory Ace, who flew P-47s with the 325th Fighter Group at the Brenner Pass. Their respective unit emblems have also been mounted alongside their signatures.

  • Phantom Showtime by Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor's tribute to the US Navy's only air aces of the Vietnam War.

  • Zero Encounter by Robert Taylor

    A Japanese Zero condenses the air off its wing tips as its pilot hauls his fighter inside a Marine F4F Wildcats determined attack. The two adversaries cavort the air in a desperate duel high over the island of Guadalcanal. The sky is alive with fighting aircraft as F4Fs and Zeros are locked in deadly combat. Below, clearly visible throught the clear tropical air is the prize over which they do battle: A single tiny airstrip on a small hill, humid, almost uninhabitable island - A priceless possession providing the key to air supremacy in the South Pacific.

  • D-Day - The Airborne Assault by Robert Taylor

    C-47 Dakotas of the 438th Troop Carrier Group, towing CG-4 Waco gliders, closely escorted by P-51Bs of the 354th Fighter Group crossing Normandy beaches during D-Day, 6 June 1944. Below, landing craft swarm ashore from a mighty amphibious armada, putting men and equipment on the beaches.