Richard Taylor

  • Preparing For Action by Richard Taylor

    Oil on Canvas
    10" x 14"

    $3,750 US

    Navy Corsairs of VF17, the "Jolly Rogers" taxiing out for a mission in the Solomon Islands in mid 1944.

  • Support For A Wounded Warrior by Richard Taylor

    Original Pencil Drawing
    Image: 15" x 9"
    Total: 17" 1/2 x 13"

    (including Bud Anderson's signature and comments)

    $3,575 US

    Bud Anderson's P-51 "Old Crow" flying cover for a crippled B-17.

    Hand signed by Col. Bud Anderson, P-51 Triple Ace

  • Out of the Lion's Den by Richard Taylor

    Original Pencil Drawing Size of Matted Drawing with Signatures
    22 1/2" x 20"

    Image Size of Drawing
    15" x 9"

    $3,950 US

    This work depicts a Doolittle Raider B-25 pulling off of its bomb run on Tokyo. The background of Tokyo in 1942 has been researched and is deemed to be somewhat accurate. This drawing has been matted along with the signatures of 4 of the Raiders and is shrink wrapped and all ready for framing.

    Signatures by Lt. Richard E. Cole - Crew #1, Lt. Col. Dolittle's Co-Pilot -Target, Tokyo, Cpl. David J. Thatcher - Crew #7 - B-25, The Ruptured Duck - Target, Tokyo, Immortalized in the book Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, Lt. Thomas C. Griffin - Crew #9 - B-25, Whirling Dervish - Target, Tokyo, Capt. David M. "Davy" Jones - Crew #5, B-25 Pilot - Target, Tokyo, Lt. Griffith P. "Griff" Williams - Crew #15 - B-25, TNT - Target, Kobe